Thanks for stopping by our site! If you’re interested in getting to know us a teeny bit better, you’ve stumbled across the right page.

“MILLENNIAL TRANSCRIPTS are a duo that made, write for and run this site as an outlet for our thoughts and creations. We hope you enjoy reading our content almost as much as we did making it!”

– MT.


An opinionated Latina fond of the arts and intersectional feminism. Began writing about my views once I realised cis-gendered white men prevalent in all forms of media weren’t quite resonating with mine. 




An ardent activist within the areas of intersectional feminism anfullsizerenderd animal
welfare. Endlessly comforted by 80s films and the fact that books are re-readable. Secretly swimming deeper in American politics than British, I’m keen to take my passions for artistic expression and world change towards New York City in the ever-bright future. Usually found with my head in a classic, or attempting to salvage a poem that has written itself.



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